Manned Guarding

Manned Guarding

  • All our personnel are SIA Licensed, highly motivated, insured and totally professional. Our static security guards are on the front line and provide the ultimate solution for the prevention of loss to any company from Construction Sites and Business Parks.
  • Residential Security is an ever increasing area which the company specialize in. Our aim is to provide the level of protection needed without affecting the daily routine or intruding into the private lives of any of our clients. The combination of our professionally trained security dogs and handlers is an excellent deterrent.
  • Our security guards and dog handlers will be site specific trained to meet the many and diverse roles that may be required of them. Static Security Guards are in constant communication with the control center, if a problem develops they have immediate support from our mobile patrols.
  • All of our Security Guards are in frequent use of Patrol tagging systems, this is to ensure patrols are regularly done of your premises to keep you at ease, knowing there is a report of patrols.
  • All our guards receive training and are qualified in ‘Conflict Management’, ‘Health and Safety’ and ‘Security Guard Training’.


24/7 service

Day or night, we are ready to be there for you, making sure that your security remains uncompromised!

Proven Tactics

By being proactive with our protection through presence attitude it gets results.

Vast Experience

Vast experience with over 25 years in the industry covering all aspects of security in wide and varied roles.