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Welcome to DMF Security - Protection Through Presence.

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New Contracts awarded already this year...

• Shirley Beer and Cider Festival

• Northfield Carnival

• Happy Valley Festival

About us

DMF Security staff form awell balanced team of highly motivated security professionals bringing with them many years experience in the security industry including a team of Ex-Police and Ex-Military Personel. From that comes the clear understanding that no two client's security needs are likely to be the same.

DMF has the flexibility needed to tailor our Security Service to fit each individual client's needs.

DMF Security Staff are SIA Licensed and we take great pride in operating to standards well in excess of those required for the SIA Licence so you can be confident of your security with us.

Who can benefit from our services?

  • Property Protection (Private Residences)

  • VIP/Celebrites (Footballers, High Profile Sportspersons)

  • Large companies and organisations

  • Small businesses

  • Retail operations

  • Events organisers

  • Political organisations

  • Tourist Site operators, stately homes etc.

Even if you feel that you do not fall into these categories we can probably help. Why not give us a call or contact us via our website - check out the contact us page.